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Troop 82 Silo Climb Recap

Troop 82 Silo Climb Recap

So, things don’t always go as planned. But hey, we’re scouts and we figure things out, adapt and make it work.
After some creative packing into our little rented trailer, and making last minute decisions on what stays and what goes, our hearty band of adventurers loaded into the cars and hit the road about 6:30 Friday night, with a light mist falling in the dark. 
Traffic out of the area was a little tough, but eventually we hit the open road and cruising speed. An 8:15 pm snack stop was a DQ and McDonalds somewhere in the middle of a central Illinois cornfield. Yes, ice cream was the meal of choice for some (sorry Moms and Dads)
Once back on the road, and a couple of wrong turns later (yes, it’s dark in the middle of those central Illinois cornfields) we found our way to Moraine View State Recreation area a little before 10:00pm. Scouts quickly unpacked, set-up camp, got a little fire going and had a cracker barrel of cheese and crackers before bed. Lights out was 12:00 midnight.
A 6:45 wake-up had everyone going, and a hot breakfast of eggs, sausage and pancakes was served. Daylight also provided a chance to see our campsite – and it was a good one. Lots of space, and more importantly, lots of firewood! We pulled out of camp at 9:10 am to make the 30- minute drive to Bloomington and the climbing gym. After check-in, class began about 10:15 am.
Upon arrival we learned we were not the only boy scout troop slated to climb. Thus Merit Badge class and Rock gym 101 certification took a little longer than expected. But, the boys were patient and completed all of their tasks. In all, everyone climbed in the 65-foot silos, most passed Belay Certification and 7 Scouts earned the Climbing Merit Badge. The boys seemed to enjoy the facility, and overheard on the ride back to camp were comments about being “afraid of heights, but really liked to climb” (I don’t get that one!).
Arrival back at camp was about 5:45, and scouts set upon cooking a delicious dinner of walking tacos, mac and cheese, corn on the cob, and chili. Perfect comfort food for a chilly night. Once dinner was finished, a few scouts worked on some requirements and got leader signatures in Scout books. The evening was capped off with a tasty dessert of peach cobbler and cookies, and stories by a roaring camp fire. One scout set up his telescope in a nearby clearing and we all had a cloudless view of the bright night sky. Lights out was 10:00pm.
A very frosty night and morning created a slow start for some, but eventually a cereal breakfast was had and the trailer and vehicles were loaded for the trip back through those cornfields. It sure was scenic.
The scouts were great and Silo Climb 2018 is one for the record books. Thanks to leaders Jeff Wickenkamp and Joe Witzel for joining in.

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