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Motorcycles, Archery and camp fun: a winning combination

Motorcycles, Archery and camp fun: a winning combination

February 2019 saw the troops first visit to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it was a good one. A solid group of 8 scouts and 3 leaders spent the weekend cabin camping in Indian Mounds Scout Reservation, which is nestled in the rolling hills 30 minutes west of Milwaukee. The crew enjoyed good food, good friendship, scout activities, hiking, and card games.

The group had gear loaded in quick time and hit the highway by 5:45 pm Friday night. An early start by most accounts. The drive north along Interstate 94 was for the most part light on traffic, and the crew arrived at their camping destination by 7:45 pm. After the gear was unloaded and stowed in the toasty warm cabin, a cracker barrel was served as scouts and leaders relaxed by playing games and sharing good conversation. Scouts worked on requirements for the Engineering Merit Badge.

Scouts were in their bunks with lights out at 10:30 pm.

 A 7:15 am Saturday wake-up call had scouts up and at ‘em, cooking a hot breakfast of eggs and pancakes. While one crew manned the kitchen, another made sandwiches for the busy day ahead. The group headed out by 9:45 for the drive to Milwaukee and their visit to Harley-Davidson. What a cool place! Scouts and leaders enjoyed learning about the history of the motorcycles, saw a bunch of early motorbikes, learned how engines work, checked-out the museum’s restoration lab, and saw some “famous” movie motorcycles. By the end of the visit, all eight scouts had earned the Engineering Merit Badge. What a great accomplishment.

The afternoon was filled with a visit to a local archery range for some target shooting, and after arriving back at the cabin, included a vigorous and picturesque winter hike through Indian Mounds and over frozen Silver Lake.  A dinner of walking tacos, pasta, and a pudding treat filled hungry scouts. After dinner, several scouts worked on skills and rank advancements. The evening was topped off with hot chocolate and card games.

 A Sunday 7:00 am start got scouts rolling early, and after cleaning breakfast dishes and tidying up the cabin, the crew closed out Milwaukee 2019 with a Sunday service and a look back on the weekend. All agreed it was a great trip and look forward to a return visit to Indian Mounds Scout Camp

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