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Scout advancement

Now that you're a Life Scout . . . the road to Eagle

Posted by Marc Velasco on Oct 1, 2014

Congratulations on earning the rank of Life Scout!  You have taken many steps on the trail to achieving the rank of Eagle Scout and the following describes the rest of your trail to Eagle.
Merit Badges
You’ve earned at least nine merit badges so far and a minimum of 21 are required for Eagle.  Thanks about the following steps:
  • Review the list of required merit badges, they have recently changed.  Make a list of required badges you need to earn.
  • Count the number of non-required merit badges you’ve earned.  How many more do you need/
  • Have partials?  Most Scouts have partials.  Make a list of your partials and decide which merit badges you’d like to earn.
Useful Links
List if required merit badges:
List of Troop 82 merit badge counselors: 
Serve in a Leadership Position
Troop 82 is run by the Scouts and the Troop needs your leadership.  The requirement is to serve in a leadership position (or positions) for a total of 6 months.  We have fixed terms for Patrol Leaders, Senior Patrol Leader, and Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders.  You can combine service in elected positions with non-elected positions (like Instructor, Guide, Historian, …) to get to 6 months of service.
Useful Links
List if current eligible leadership positions:
Plan and lead an Eagle Project
A Scout is helpful.  Your Eagle Project provides a great opportunity to be a service to a non-profit organization, learn planning skills, and gain additional experience as a leader.  A few questions to help get you started:
  • This is an opportunity.  What organization or cause would you like to do something for?
  • What type of project (i.e.  construction, environmental, …) would you like to do?  What type of project do you NOT want to do?
  • When you are in your 40s and telling stories to your kids, what story do you want to tell about your Eagle project?
  • What Eagle projects were the most fun for you as a participant?
The BSA Eagle Project workbook will be used throughout the project. Download it, read it, learn item use it.  The most current version can be found at:
The main steps for your project are:
  1. Develop ideas and select a project.
  2. Discuss it with the beneficiary (a non-profit organization) and reach agreement on the project.
  3. Start and complete the first section of the Eagle Project Workbook.  Complete the Fundraising section if you are going to do any fundraising for your project.
  4. Complete your initial plan and develop your presentation for approval.  Take “before” pictures.
  5. Discuss and obtain approvals (signatures):  Scoutmaster, Beneficiary, Troop Committee, District Advancement Committee.  Work cannot start until all four approvals have been obtained.  Planning can continue.
  6. Complete additional planning, if needed.
  7. Start working.  Obtain materials, schedule events, and get going.
  8. Complete the project and delivery it to the beneficiary.  Take “after” pictures.  Ask the beneficiary to sign your Eagle Project workbook in the completed section.
  9. Complete the workbook and prepare a package for final submission.  Remember to reflect on what you learned as the project manager and the leader.
Useful Links
Troop 82 Eagle Project Archive:  being developed
Start your Eagle Application
No, it’s not too early to read the application and to make sure that you know what’s needed.  Consider asking the Advancement Chair to pull your official advancement record from council.  Verify your rank advancements and merit badges against the official records.  Work with the Advancement Chair to remedy any discrepancies.
The 2014 application can be found at:
Statement of your ambitions and life purpose (the end of requirement 7)
This is typically a 1-2 statement written by you to describe you plans for the future as well as your successes of the past. 

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