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High adventure

Troop 82 Venture Crew

Posted by Marc Velasco on Jan 1, 2015

The troop is forming a "Venture" crew beginning January of 2015.  This new patrol is designed for Life and Eagle scouts only.  The purpose of this new patrol is designed for these rank appropriate scouts to continue their involvement in the troop, and support the troop at the same time.

We understand schedules are busy, so outings will consist of day trips only once a month, usually something new and adventurous that you choose, all aimed at providing a great experience while you continue down your scouting path. Just because you have reached a higher rank doesn't mean your scouting career is over. 
Costs will depend on the outings you choose to participate in. Leaders are ready and standing by.
In return, we ask that you donate one night a month to come back and support the troop as the quality leaders we know you have grown to be. It's a chance to give back and support those who have helped you along the way, and those who now look up to you as Tenderfoots or Second Class.
Once we have feedback from all Life and Eagle scouts, we can determine the patrol size and begin to plan outings.  If you are interested please notify Mr. Rodgers,( Mr. Odom( or Mr. Velasco.(

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