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Winter Camp Lowden Recap!

Posted by Marc Velasco on Feb 1, 2015

A dedicated group of scouts and leaders ventured west to Camp Lowden for its annual winter camp weekend in early February. Nestled among the scenic woods and hills along the Rock River, Camp Lowden is an ideal place for scouts to experience the challenges of winter camping. This year, 7 scouts attempted the 24-hour Polar Bear challenge, while a larger group chose to bunk in the much warmer and more comfortable Ameroc cabin. The scouts sledded, built shelters, learned a few outdoor skills, competed in outdoor games, and noshed on tasty food by the fire. By Sunday morning, 4 scouts earned their Polar Bear award for surviving outdoors for 24-hours, and the rest of the bunch were ready for the trek back to Elmhurst. Another successful winter camp outing!

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