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Snow Base 2016

Posted by Scout Webmaster on Jan 18, 2016

The second weekend of January- eleven scouts and four leaders (Mr. Conqest, Mr. Fabrizius, Mr. Jentel, and Mr. Miller) went to Snow Base located in Northern Wisconsin. We split up into two crews, Snow Huskies and Spear Head. Snow Huskies is where you learn snow and outdoor skills and participate in many fun activities in the snow. Spear Head on the other hand is a more skill based trek in the snow where scouts build snow caves called quinzees and sleep in them. Both treks involved cooking outside. In Snow Huskies everyone had a lot of fun as we played a version of ice hockey called broom ball, orienteering, eating canned chili, snow tubing, hiking, and playing king of the hill. Spear Head on the other hand had to build their quinzees and sleep in them. They also participate in other activities like flying a huge kite and sledding. Both crews had a lot of fun in spite of the frigid weather.

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