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Warren Dunes Recap

Posted by Scout Webmaster on May 20, 2016

A great weekend at the Warren Dunes!

Friday May 20th to Sunday May 22nd marked our annual trip to the Warren Dunes. We were blessed with perfect weather.  It was sunny and 60-70 degrees during the day and 50 degrees at night - without rain!  We had a big crew of 23 Scouts and 7 leaders.  It was a good mix of new Scouts on their first camp-out, our core Middle Schoolers, and even a few of our very experienced high schoolers.  The younger guys had a lot to learn, but they all were troopers.  

The Scouts played and hiked on the dunes and the beach for most of Saturday.  Late afternoon was camp time for the older scouts and leaders to do some teaching and signing off of requirements for the younger Scouts.  

Six older Scouts and three leaders ventured on a hike loaded with 35 pound backpacks as part of their training for Philmont High Adventure Camp in July.  Saturday's hike covered many miles over sand dunes and through a forested creek bed.

After some excellent dinners the Scouts and a few leaders headed back to the dunes for a night game of capture the flag.  Great fun was had by all.  Meanwhile, a few leaders stayed at camp to keep an eye on the desserts and enjoy a rest by the fire.  Delicious Dutch-oven desserts awaited their return from the dunes.  All the Scouts were in their tents and lights out minutes later, except for two adventurous campers who spent the night in their hammocks hanging between trees.  

Our Grubmasters did a tremendous job of meal planning and shopping.  Thank you to those Scouts for providing our tasty meals. A witches brew was a great new camping dinner that everyone really enjoyed.

Thank you very much to the high schoolers for your leadership, especially the trips’ Senior Patrol Leader for being a positive example.

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