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Tippecanoe River Wrap-Up

Posted by Scout Webmaster on Jun 12, 2016

We headed out Friday shortly after 6PM and arrived at Tippecanoe River State Park around 10:30 EST.  Not a moment too soon as the ranger station closed at 11:00!  With no natural moon lighting, we managed to set up camp in the dark with flashlights and a lantern.  We were instantly welcomed and befriended by the native bugs as they kept swarming and poking us as we set up camp.  Too late for Cracker Barrel, we retired for the evening for a good night's rest.
We awoke Saturday morning to find a beautiful campsite (couldn't see much in the dark the night before) with a rich, green forest around us, a beautiful sunrise and a slight cool breeze through the camp.  We were the only ones in the Youth Camp area, which made it all the more perfect and exclusive!  The Scouts cooked up some great pancakes and bacon.  Nothing like bacon in the great outdoors.  Actually, nothing like bacon...anywhere!  After breakfast, the Scouts received a Canoeing 101 lesson on identifying the parts of a canoe, how to hold the paddle and the various types of strokes used to navigate the canoe.  The Scouts made their own sack lunches that included deli or pb&j sandwiches with chips, fruit, and treat, then grabbed their gear and headed to the river to begin the canoeing adventure.  Scouts were paired up by training and experience and by 10:30 AM, 7 canoes began their 7- mile journey down the winding, forest-lined Tippecanoe River with just enough current to keep the canoes going at a steady pace.  Paddling along made it all the more enjoyable.  Along the way the Scouts and Leaders enjoyed splashing water onto each other and no one was safe.  We identified plants, trees, and animals, which included turtles, flying fish, a Cujo type dog that leapt out of the thicket when we momentarily beached to reorganize, and a deer carcass that may have been Cujo's morning kill and/or a warning to small Scouts daring to beach here.  Needless to say we paddled on!   We did find a "safe" beach and the Scouts were able to swim and eat their filling lunches.  We docked approximately four hours later, and not a moment too soon, as we had many tired (and quiet!) Scouts.
After exiting the canoe and safely back on land, we sat in the shade and had a snack.  The Scouts enjoyed being misted by the canoe owners' power sprayer, which was a great way to fight off the mid-afternoon sun and heat.  The Golden Arches welcomed us as we headed back into town for an ice cream treat.  Once back at camp, the Scouts gained their second (fourth for the Leaders!) wind and worked on requirements and skills.  Very impressed with the older Scouts helping the younger Scouts!  The evening included some mighty good walking tacos and a delicious Dutch oven chocolate cherry cobbler. The night was capped off with s'mores and a fun game of capture the flag.       
After a very still and warm night, we awoke to a welcoming drop in temperature with a cool breeze that reinvigorated everyone.  We collapsed camp and had a continental breakfast that included bagels, cereal, and fruit.  We rolled out of Tippecanoe River State Park around 10:30EST, raided a convenience store, and arrived back home with great memories.

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