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3D Archery At Its Best!

Posted by Scout Webmaster on Oct 18, 2016

We headed out on Friday (on time!) to begin our trip north to the ChainoLakes State Park.  After a quick stop for dinner at the Lake Forest Oasis, we arrived under a cloudless sky with a full moon and a crisp chill in the air.  The natural lighting helped the Scouts layout the locations and assembly of their tents.  Our site was on high/rolling ground with trees/brush around the perimeter.  Mud Lake, a natural marsh, was located just behind our site.  Cracker Barrel time!  The Scouts devoured the spread of crackers, cheese, and puppy chow, and lights were out shortly after as we bundled up for great sleeping weather in the 50's. We fell asleep to the sounds of the coyotes howling at the moon.

We awoke Saturday morning to a cloudy sky with a faint chill in the air.  Gotta love the Fall campouts where the sun rises later allowing the Leaders, and some Scouts, to sleep in to 7:30! The Scouts served up a tasty breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and fresh fruit. We packed our lunches and headed out.  We arrived at the archery venue, which is a small, red barn at the base of a wooded forest.  Our instructors went over safety (priority!), and instruction on how to shoot.  A few practice rounds in the loft's indoor range later, we separated into two groups and were escorted outdoors to begin our adventure!  The "3D" is a styrofoam animal/object up against a backdrop that are set up in stations along a backwoods trail. We cheered each other on as we successfully took down boars, bears, a wild turkey, a crocodile, Sasquatch, and a zombie! Our instructors were patient, extremely helpful, and a lot of fun, which made the outing stress-free and very relaxing. Everyone had a great time shooting and nobody wanted it to end although we were on the trail for over 3 hours!  Once we returned to camp, the Scouts laid in their hammocks or worked on rank requirements.  We had a delicious hot dinner of sloppy joes with macaroni salad, sang happy birthday to a fellow scout and devoured the birthday cupcakes!  

Be prepared!  As the evening progressed, the air became warmer, the clouds were thinning, but we knew that storms were on the way. The Leaders inspected the tents to make sure they were rain ready while the Scouts stowed all non-essentials into the trailer.  We resumed our evening of fun with a campfire, roasting marshmallows, and games.  We also vowed to curtail eating processed foods after observing how a processed donut breaks down in a fire (not pretty).  We completed the evening with a flag retirement ceremony for two flags and socialized with a Troop from an adjoining site who came over to visit.     

As expected, the storms came and went Saturday night doing their thing, while we stayed high and dry in our tents.  Fortunately, the rain stopped early morning before it was time for us to start the day.  We packed up our gear, enjoyed a continental breakfast, conducted a prayer service, and returned home...all of us wondering when we can return to do more 3D archery!

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