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Warren Dunes Wrap Up!

Posted by Marc Velasco on May 4, 2017

Hello Everyone
Long a favorite trip of Troop 82 scouts and leaders, Warren Dunes 2017 promised to be another for the record books. 19 scouts and 5 leaders ventured forth to this year’s version of sand, surf and sun.
Friday’s 5:00pm load in went exceedingly well. These guys have done this before! By 6:00pm the trailer was loaded, scouts and leaders were in cars and we hit the road. A little traffic congestion and construction had a minor effect as the campers arrived at the campground shortly after 8:00pm. Upon arrival crews jumped into action and had the trailer emptied, tents set-up and hammock city hung in the nearby pine trees. We had a large, open campsite that provided plenty of room to spread out. Dining-fly’s on one side, scouts tents the other, with leaders off in the distance to keep an eye on things. And then the afore mentioned hammock city tucked in the pine tree grove, with music and festive lights providing a cozy atmosphere for scouts opting to sleep outside. 12 in all created a multi-level slumber zone. A cracker barrel of cheese, crackers and sausage rounded out the night.
Friday night grew to be a bit chilly, and Saturday’s frosty morning wake-up was a little sluggish, with scouts emptying from hammocks and tents in a staggered start. After a hot breakfast of pancakes, sausage, fruit and juice, the scouts opted for a little sports time with Frisbee and Spikeball. The morning highlight was the construction of our camp flagpole and posting of the colors. After a bit, sandwiches were made and stowed into packs for the hike to the dunes.
Scouts chose a detour and hiked a muddy and soggy trail through the woods, upon which they discovered led only in a circle and back to the main access road. Oh well. The crew then hiked into the dunes, scaling the largest hill to have lunch at the top. After sandwiches were consumed, scouts spent a couple of hours of running, slipping, rolling, falling, and tumbling up and down the dunes. The crew then headed to the beach, were games were played and a few brave scouts took dips in the frigid waters of Lake Michigan. All in all, it was a great afternoon at the dunes, as scouts were scouts, having fun in the sand.
A few hours back at camp provided some lounging time, or skills work to complete some advancement requirements. Soon a delicious dinner of spaghetti, sloppy joes, salad and rolls was prepared, and scouts and leaders had a fine time enjoying some good cooking. Things always taste better when camping!
After the dinner dishes were cleaned and stowed, the crew headed back to the dunes for a game of flashlight capture the flag. The crew managed to catch a glimpse of the sunset with its reds and oranges as they rounded the top of one hill. By 10:00pm the stars were out and the scouts were in full “battle” mode on the sand hills.
But a capture the flag game can go only so long, and the scouts headed back to camp for a tasty treat of Dutch oven cobbler and donut holes, courtesy of Mr. Odom’s cooking talents. A roaring camp fire closed the evening as weary scouts headed to hammocks and tents for a good night’s sleep. 
Up and at ‘em, the scouts awoke Sunday with renewed vigor. A breakfast of cereal and Danish filled hungry stomachs. Scouts then packed and headed for home, with another Warren Dunes locked into the troops adventure log.
Thanks to Mrs. Fabrizius for pulling the trailer, and leaders Mr. Braun, Mr. Gooderham, Mr. Odom and Jack Rodgers for helping to make this a fun and safe weekend.

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