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USS Silversides Submarine Museum Outing Wrap-Up

Posted by Marc Velasco on Dec 10, 2017

Troop 82 1st Officer Log Entry 2017.09-10.12.  We departed from ILC at 1222 hours with a crew complement of 11 Scouts and 6 Leaders in 4 cars (and 1 partridge in a pear tree).  We navigated a few snow showers along the snow belt, but opened to clear skies north of Grand Haven.  We arrived at the USS Silversides Submarine Museum in Muskegon, MI (approximately 205 land miles away) right on time to begin our tour.  
The museum is located off an inlet and features the USS Silversides submarine and the USCGC McLane (Coast Guard cutter), both of which are docked next to the museum building.  The gracious staff set us up in our own room (apart from the other Scout groups) to put our gear and to have our pizza dinner, which the staff arranged to have delivered for us.  Before and after dinner we explored the museum and all of its exhibits.  The Scouts had fun playing a "life-size" version of the board game "Battleship".  We were led on a private, guided tour of the submarine where we saw the torpedo room, the galley, captain's/officers quarters, and the main sleeping quarters, among many areas.  Our guide was fun and knowledgeable and able to answer any questions we threw at him.  
After the tour, it was time to load our gear aboard the USCGC McLane.  The McLane sleeps about 38 people, and we had the entire ship to ourselves!  We walked carefully aboard the iced over deck.  They don't salt anywhere since they don't want these historic ships to rust any more than they naturally are.  The Scouts quickly called dibs on their bunks while the Leaders flipped a coin for the officers' quarters.  The ship has electricity, but no working plumbing.  A small heating unit kept the sleeping quarters comfortable considering it was 25 degrees outside and breezy.   
We returned to the museum for some snacks and delicious desserts, followed by one last walk-through of the museum before retiring to the McLane.  We had fun hanging out playing card/board games and exploring all the nooks and crannies of the ship.  Once we all settled in, we listened while each Scout told the crew one interesting fact he learned from exploring the museum.  We fell asleep (some later than the rest of us, ahem....) to the moaning of the ship as it gently rocked back and forth from the rippling waves.  
We awoke the next morning around 0630 hours, packed our gear, disembarked the McLane and returned inside the museum for a continental-style breakfast starring the almighty pop-tart and mini-muffins.  Shortly after, our crew departed the USS Silversides Submarine Museum with a greater respect and understanding of what it was like to be at war aboard a submarine and a cutter ship during WWII.  

The Silversides Outing Crew!

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