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Snowbase Recap

Posted by Marc Velasco on Jan 21, 2018




The trip up to Camp Tomahawk  is a LONG drive, but after our 5PM departure, and a short stop at our favorite Culvers, we were in bed in the dorms by 11PM. 

We awoke the next morning and had the fabulous cafeteria cheesy egg bake and leaders (and some scouts) had their fills of coffee.  By 10AM we were outside . . and the 24 hour clock of outdoors at 32 below or lower began!




We were outfitted with what can be best described as WWI cold weather gear.  A truly fabulous outfit of dark green wool snow pants, red wool hats, and their incredibly warm boots.  Then it was off to our campsite.The scouts took turns pulling our gear sleds for a little bit over a mile to our campsite.  The first order of business was to build our quinzhees to sleep in that night.  It did take about 2 hours to pile on the snow. 



After a quick lunch of PB&J sandwiches and a big bag of trail mix, we headed out to the day’s activities; ice climbing, cross country skiing, some scouts did some tomahawk throwing, and everyone’s favorite – tubing. 


Chicken and rice soup for dinner (with a BIG piece of bread) and a small campfire, by 9PM we were all ready for bed.  4-5 scouts slept in each quinzhee, leaders and a few scouts slept under the parachute.  We figure it hit maybe 20 degrees that night, so a very warm snow base weekend!

We were up early and had breakfast, though getting moving was a bit slow, packed up and were on the road home by 11AM.  Of course, stopping at our new favorite Culvers.


Our guides Anna and Ella were great, and it was a quiet ride home.  Hope to see you there next year!

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