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Annual Dues

Posted by Paul Rodgers on Oct 20, 2020

Troop dues for the 2020-211 School year will be $190 per Scout.  This is an increase from last year due to Three Fires Council raising its fees.  Three Fires is our local council and its budget goes to support the local BSA programming that we take advantage of, including summer camp at Camp Freeland Leslie.  Three Fires used to receive the majority of its budget needs through the “Friends of Scouting” fund-raising campaign.  Going forward, Three Fires will be collecting a fee directly from all Scouts.

The Troop leadership committee recognizes that the cost of Boy Scouting has increased substantially in the past few years.  Most of those increases have been due to increases in national BSA dues, insurance, and this latest increase by Three Fires.  The Troop is doing everything it can to keep our membership fees as low as possible, including implementing the Pancake Breakfast fundraiser last year, which we plan to do again post-pandemic which will hopefully be by next fall.

Remember that funds in your Scout’s “Scout Account” with the Troop can be used to pay for dues as well as other Boy Scout expenses like outings.  The Scout Accounts get funded through the sales of Popcorn and Wreaths.  About 35% of the value of the items sold return back to the Scout and are credited to his Scout Account.  The Troop itself keeps none of the proceeds from Popcorn and Wreaths.  Both of those fundraisers are currently taking place.  Information and forms were previous sent and forms can also be obtained at Troop meetings.  Encouraging your Scout to raise funds for his dues and outings increases engagement by giving him some “skin in the game.”

Please make payment or payment arrangements by the October 20 Troop meeting.  Checks can be written to “BSA Troop 82” and be placed in the “feed me” box at Troop meetings.

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